Arms collecting! Everyone from Civil War buffs to Wall Street gurus are talking about the hottest trend in antiques today – historical guns, swords and armour. And Man at Arms for the Gun and Sword Collector – published continuously since 1979 – is the world’s leading source of information and advice for novices and experts alike.

A hobbyist, rather than a shooting magazine, Man at Arms for the Gun and Sword Collector is focused on the historical, technical and artistic aspects of weaponry. Colt & “six-shooters” from the O.K. Corral, Brown Besses from Bunker Hill, Sharps carbines from Custer’s Last Stand and M1 Garands from D-Day – we cover it all! With a keen eye peeled for exciting, new research that will be of practical use to our readers! And while we are famous for our dramatic, color photographs of the most rare and beautiful guns in the world, we also have plenty of entry-level suggestions for new collectors on modest budgets.

In every colorful issue, Man at Arms for the Gun and Sword Collector presents an exciting selection of feature articles by world-famous authors and museum professionals, as well as news about collector events, the NRA’s exclusive Gun Show Calendar, reports on antique arms auctions and a lively “letters-to-the-editor” page. This is a large magazine, about 70 pages, and it is printed on expensive coated paper. Find out what all the fuss is about! Get your hands on the latest issue of Man at Arms for the Gun and Sword Collector.

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