All About Southerners by Lionel Bogut

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Alte Scheibenwaffen, Volume II by Thompson & Loos

Alte Scheibenwaffen Volume III by Thompson & Loos

The American Eagle-Pommel Sword by Mowbray

The American Fraternal Sword by Hamilton, Kaplan & Marino

The American Percussion Schuetzen Rifle by Hamilton & Rowe

A.S.A.C. Book of Edged Weapons

The A.S.A.C. Book of Historical Handguns (3-Volume Set)

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The Ames Sword Company Catalog

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Baby Hammerless Revolvers by Sellers

Battle Weapons of the American Revolution by Neumann

Boarders Away, Volume I by Gilkerson

Bolt Action Military Rifles of the World by Mowbray

The Bowie Knife by Flayderman

Britania & Muscovy

The British Bulldog Revolver by George Layman

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British Single Shot Rifles, Volume II by Wal Winfer

British Single Shot Rifles, Volume III by Wal Winfer

British Single Shot Rifles, Volume IV by Wal Winfer

British Single Shot Rifles, Volume V by Wal Winfer

British Single Shot Rifles, Volume VI by Wal Winfer

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British Single Shot Rifles, Volume VIII by Wal Winfer & Tom Rowe

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Civil War Pistols by McAulay

Civil War Revolvers: Myth vs. Reality by Schiffer

Civil War Small Arms of the U.S. Navy & Marine Corps by McAulay

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A Collector’s Guide to Military Rifle Disassembly and Reassembly by Stuart C. Mowbray

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Colt Single Action Army Revolvers: U.S. Alterations by Moore

The Colt U.S. General Officers’ Pistol by Greeley

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The Complete Guide to Combat Shotguns by Canfield

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The Confederate LeMat Revolver by Adams

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Die Weiterentwicklung, Volume III by Motz & Schuy

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The First Transcontinental Military Dispatch Car

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Gunpowder Cans & Kegs, Volume II by Bacyk & Rowe

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High Standard by Dance

Highly Finished Arms: Winchester Repeat Arms Co. Catalog

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L.D. Nimschke Firearms Engraver by Wilson

The Luger Snail Drum by Sayre

Lugers at Random by Charles Kenyon Jr.

The M1 Carbine: A Revolution in Gun Stocking by Cook

The M1 Garand Rifle by Canfield

Man at Arms Index (CD format)

Man at Arms Index (Printed format)

Mannlicher Military Rifles by Paul Scarlata

Military Holsters of WWII by Bender

Military Rifles of Armies in Europe by Raukko

The Mortimer Gunmakers by Munson

Muskets of the Revolution by Ahearn

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Ordnance Went Up Front by Dunlap

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The Parker Gun “Pinecone” Catalog

Patents for Inventions: Small Arms 1855–1930

Propaganda Series: German Anti-Tank • K98k Rifle • MKb 42, MP43MP38, 40 Submachine Gun

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Remington Rolling Block Rifles of the World by George Layman

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Rifle & Carbine 98 by Storz

Rifles of the U.S. Army by McAulay

Rifles of the U.S. Navy by McAulay

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Savage Pistols by Brower

Sharpshooter — Hiram Berdan by Sword

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With Drawn Sword: Austro-Hungarian Edged Weapons 1848–1918 by Ortner & Artlieb

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