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The Complete Book of Tokarev Pistols by White

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The Complete Book of Tokarev Pistols by Cameron S. White

The Tokarev saga is a long and amazingly interesting one. The story began in the 1920s and spans nearly 100 years. It is fair to say that the Tokarev pistol was born out of the advances in small arms that were occurring at the turn of the 20th century, especially the trend of military forces in many countries to replace revolvers with semiautomatic pistols. While the Tokarev has links to the past, its use continues to the present day. The geographic distribution of the Tokarev is worldwide, as it has migrated from the soviet union to numerous countries around the globe. The Tokarev has been used for so long by so many countries that it is almost universally recognized. It has attained a longevity rivaled by few other pistols.


  • Softcover
  • 8.5″x11″
  • 224 pages
  • 1,550 color photos/illustrations

3 reviews for The Complete Book of Tokarev Pistols by White


    This is the long awaited and excellent book on the famous Tokarev pistols. It pictures every variation from every country, with quality photos showing all the details, especially of the unique internal parts. The history of each national variation is provided putting context to their use and history. The specific yearly variation details are precise and concise. The vast number of detailed photographs will serve as the standard references for the novice and experienced collector as well. The depth of examples reflects the authors acceptance of contributions from many collectors. It is another feather in the cap of the author who is already appreciated for co-authoring the books on the Makarov Pistol. It is a must have book for every military firearms historian and collector.

  2. Jason H (verified owner)

    I was floored by how well done this reference book is. It is absolutely chock full of information and reference material, with full-colored, detailed pictures to accompany it. Some reference books can be a bit… dry with its information, but not so at all with this book. Well done! Recommended for any who have any interest at all in the Tokarev design and history.

  3. Alden – The Mosin Crate

    An excellent book with some really fantastic photography. Can be enjoyed by both beginners and seasoned collectors alike. Gives you a basic to in depth run down of most everything TT related.

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