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Ethan Allen and Allen & Wheelock by Paul Henry


Ethan Allen & Allen & Wheelock: Their Guns and Their Legacy by Paul Henry

Finally, a comprehensive guide to the firearms of one of America’s most important gunmakers!

Firearms made by the various companies of Ethan Allen (Allen & Thurber, Allen, Thurber & Co., Allen & Wheelock, E. Allen & Co.) are often misunderstood by collectors and historians because they exist in so many models and types. In this groundbreaking study, Paul Henry illustrates and identifies the whole Allen product line, with special focus upon Allen & Wheelock, showing how features and designs evolved over time — the kind of information that is simply priceless for today’s collectors.


  • Hardcover with dustjacket
  • 8.5″x11″
  • 230 pages
  • 635 photos


This easy-to-follow guide covers it all!
~ pepperboxes
~ rifles and shotguns
~ bar hammer pistols
~ rimfire pistols
~ inline pistols
~ lipfire revolvers
~ boot pistol
~ bar hammer revolvers
~ revolving rifles
~ dragoon pepperboxes
~ Civil War handguns
~ center hammer revolvers
~ side hammer revolvers
~ target pistols
~ belt model revolvers
~ pocket model revolvers
~ and much, much more!


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