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Austrian Military Cartridges Vol. 2


Austrian Military Cartridges, Volume 2, Small Arms Ammunition in Austrian Federal Army Use, from 1955 to today; Rifle caliber Export Ammunition, from 1874 to today; Austrian Rifle Calibers of Foreign Manufacture by Josef Mötz

Volume 2 of the standard reference book on Austrian military small arms ammunition, published in September 2001. Together with Volume 1, published in 1996, it covers to the largest extent the full production range from the first metallic cartridge till today. Volume 2 focuses on the ammunition of the Austrian Army in the 2nd Republic (1955 until today). This specific part of the book is structured in accordance with different calibers. The interested reader will find all details on specific calibers. All previously or presently introduced ammunition for handguns, rifles, and machine-guns of the Austrian armed forces are presented in detail. The presentation of historic facts and technical data is reaching beyond Austria’s borders and military use.

Well presented data includes the following:

  • Domestic and foreign cartridges, tested and used in Austria.
  • Developments of caseless cartridges and saboted flechette cartridges in Austria.
  • Austrian export ammunition for the whole period since 1874.
  • Historic accomplishments of the domestic ammunition industries.
  • Chapter on exports deals with calibers nobody ever had associated with Austrian origin or producers.
  • Ammunition produced abroad for Austrian military calibers, surprisingly the large number of foreign states and producers involved.
  • Military ammunition supplies in Austria since 1955.
  • The Annex provides numerous tables with pertinent data.
  • More than comprehensive table showing the headstamp manufacturers´ signs for the whole period dealt with by the second volume.

This reference book is not only indispensable for forensic investigations or for the gun proof and military technology services, military instruction at all levels, ammunition industries, army museums, and collectors of cartridges, but also for everybody interested in arms and ammunition. The author offers facts and data on the international world of arms and ammunition, going farther than the book’s title would suggest, most likely resulting in some revisions of technical/historical facts hitherto generally accepted by experts. For the first time never before published graphic and written documents will be published in facsimile, among them historic blue-prints of DWM cartridges.


  • Hardcover
  • 8.25″x11.75″
  • 456 pages
  • 500+ photos (100 are in color)
  • Printed in GERMAN with chapter summaries and captions in English

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