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Austrian Military Cartridges Vol. 3


Austrian Military Cartridges, Volume 3, Military and Commercial Small Arms Ammunition of the G. Roth Co. and its Successors by Jospef Mötz and Heinrich Kohlmann

Around the turn of the 19th to the 20th century the Austrian ammunition manufacturer G. Roth, widely forgotten except in specialist circles, was not only an important Austro-Hungarian industrial enterprise with manufacturing sites in Vienna, Bratislava, Wiener Neustadt-Lichtenwoerth and Felixdorf, but also one of the most innovative, productive and flexible manufacturers of cartridges worldwide. Governments as well as arms designers all over the world ordered large quantities of military ammunition as well as small series of cartridges for testing from Roth or asked for the development of new products. Around 1900 the technological leadership of the Vienna-based company was only matched by the “Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken AG (DWM)” with its ammunitions plant in Karlsruhe, one of Roth’s most important export competitors. Not unlike DWM Roth had a unique numbering system for cases and for bullets; between the two World Wars even the Hirtenberger ammunition plant gave up their own and took over the Roth system and developed it further. Between the World Wars the Roth successor enterprises in Czechoslovakia also used this numbering system. Not least these numbering systems make the collecting of cartridges of Roth and DWM nowadays so attractive. The present book presents cartridges, cases and bullets in this numbering system; the sensational findings over the last twenty years in archives and of real objects by the two authors Mag. Josef Mötz and Mag. Heinrich Kohlmann have remarkably reduced the gaps among the approximately 1,000 different cases and the more than 1,500 different bullets produced by Roth. In this sense the present publication is not only an important document of Austrian industrial history, but also an indispensable handbook for collectors and ammunition technicians as well as ballistic and forensic specialists and all persons interested in the subject.


  • Hardcover
  • 8.25″x11.75″
  • 520 pages
  • 2700+ photos, mostly color
  • Printed in GERMAN with chapter summaries and captions in English

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