British Bulldog Revolver by George Layman



British Bulldog Revolver: The Forgotten Gun that Really Won the West by George Layman

The pistol that outsold Colt and Smith & Wesson combined! Learn how to identify rare types from common ones.


  • Hardcover
  • 6.5″ x 9.5″
  • 192 pages
  • 300+ photos

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Generations of Hollywood Westerns have led us to believe that the Colt Single Action Army was the “Gun That Won the West.” But could the real honors belong to an inexpensive, yet powerful pocket revolver that is only now beginning to be appreciated by historians and collectors? In this long-awaited new collector’s guide, noted author George Layman tells us the true story behind these diminutive, yet devastating, weapons. Perhaps ten times as popular as the Colt and Smith & Wesson combined, “British Bulldog” revolvers were first introduced by Philip Webley & Co., but were soon duplicated by the American gun manufacturing giant Forehand & Wadsworth and countless Belgian copyists. Far from being uninteresting and identical, these pistols exist today in almost limitless variety. Learn how to identify rarities and valuable variations, including prices that should be expected for each type. Also, learn which models were carried most in the West by riverboat gamblers, soiled doves and gold miners. Even “Billy the Kid” might have packed one! So while the gun may have “British” in its name, the story is all American – and one that has remained untold until now. Introduction by renowned author Norm Flayderman.


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