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The Socket Bayonet in the British Army by Goldstein


The Socket Bayonet in the British Army 1687–1783 by Erik Goldstein

The spectacle of English “redcoats” on the attack, relentlessly descending upon enemy lines with fixed bayonets, is one of the most chilling images from European history and the American Revolution. The bayonets covered in this book stood side by side with the famous “Brown Bess” as symbols of English military power throughout the world. Drawing upon new information from archaeological digs and archival records, the author explains how to identify each type of bayonet and shows which bayonets were used where and with which guns. No student of military history or weapons development can afford to do without this useful new book.

Archival quality coated paper with anti-glare “satin” finish, durable soft-cover binding with “layflat” lamination and extra heavy cover stock, deluxe offset printing with 165 high-resolution illustrations.


  • 136 pages
  • 7″ x 10″
  • 165 b&w photos/illustrations
  • Softcover



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