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The Confederate Morse Carbine by Schiffers

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The Confederate Morse Carbine: Myth vs. Reality by Peter Schiffers

One of the rarest longarms of the Civil War and the first American firearm to use centerfire ammunition. This book covers the first accurate account of the Morse carbine’s production figures and manufacturing dates, as well as a full history of the armory in South Carolina where they were produced, refuting claims that they were produced in Atlanta! Also includes details about which South Carolina units were issued these unique carbines and why.


  • Softcover
  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • 212 pages
  • 418 color photos

 “If you are interested in the story of the Morse Carbine, or even the story of the Confederate ordnance manufacturing during the Civil War, then I highly recommend this book to you. It is also worth having on the shelf if you have an interest in South Carolina mounted units of the Civil War, as much of the research provided in the book is not available in any other printed source, and certainly not all together in one place.” Tim Prince, Civil War News, February 2018

4 reviews for The Confederate Morse Carbine by Schiffers

  1. Fred Knudsen

    Meticulously researched and footnoted (although no index). Excellent color and black and white photography. Extensive use of collateral material to provide context. A valuable resource for serious arms collectors and students of lesser-known Confederate units from South Carolina in the Civil War.

  2. Koeberlin

    Very interesting Book about a Confederate carbine I had never heard of.Superb Civil War photos,many of them colorized.Very instructive Information about the War in South Carolina and about the Union and the Confederate Generals who wage it.

  3. Bill Heller

    Peter Schiffers is an excellent writer who was able to enlighten us as to how the Confederacy was able to obtain arms mainly from England to fight the Civil War. His photography to document the arms use by the confederacy is so very enlightening! Being a history buff, it was wonderful to learn about the armaments used during the Civil War aside from cannons!
    The photography really makes it come alive and is most fascinating!

  4. Steve Kirkpatrick

    Another great book by Peter Schiffers that investigates the Confederate Morse Carbine story. Unlike his other titles Civil War Carbines Myth vs. Reality and Civil War Revolvers Myth vs. Reality that test a wide range of firearms, this volume only deals with the Morse Carbine. While this book does cover shooting an original Morse carbine and the resulting accuracy and reliability test as his previous books, it goes above and beyond to bring the complete story of the inventor and his firearms to the reader. Starting from the very beginning, all production facilities and models are covered as well as to whom they were issued to. These individual units are listed in impressive detail while usually including a picture of one of the members on the side of the text. This is a great detail that really does give a degree of personalization to the story when you can see exactly who is being mentioned. Not only are there an amazing number of modern and period photographs, a large amount has been colorized which really does a lot to bring this history alive.
    This is definitely the “Bible” of the Morse Carbine.

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