Colt 1851 and 1861 Navies & Conversions


Colt 1851 and 1861 Navies & Conversions by Robert M. Jordan and Don W. Geri

Copyright 2016, 1st Edition. Eight years in the making – this book will aid collectors of the Colt percussion Model 1851 and 1861 Navies and those that were converted to use metallic cartridges. In the author’s opinion, the ’51 Navy is by far the most sought-after collectible percussion pistol in the world today. The gun was popular because it was (and still is for black-powder shooters) reliable, accurate, had great balance and good hitting power. Not only is this a wealth of information on any & all Navies issued to the US military, but also those exported to other countries. Includes cased Navies, engravings, inscriptions, presentations and accoutrements.


  • Hardcover with dustjacket
  • 9″ x 11.25″
  • 364 pages
  • 900+ color photos
  • signed by the author

*Although these books are new, all have sustained superficial damage to corners on their commute here.

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