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Gas Warfare in the First World War


Gas Warfare in the First World War: Gas Masks and Gas Defence Equipment of the Armies of the German Empire, Austria-Hungary and Italy by Egidio Rossi, Marco Pisani, Andrea Brambilla and Ariberto Osio

This book, comprehensively illustrated with photographs of more than 200 original specimens preserved in private collections or museums, seeks to describe and illustrate the most important gas-defense equipment used during the First World War by the imperial armies of Germany and Austria-Hungary and by the army of the Kingdom of Italy.

This publication describes the development of these devices over time, from the first respirators borrowed from the sanitary sector to sophisticated protective masks with filters and their corresponding containers, and special clothing for protection against blister-forming gases. Numerous official documents from the war years are accompanied by a number of important original photographs from the period that testify to the extensive use of gas-defense equipment in the trenches of the First World War.

The book also contains an historical overview of research in the field of poison gases by the three nations, information about the industries that took part in their production, and a chapter dedicated to the most important types of poison gas.


  • Hardcover with dustjacket
  • 10″ x 12″
  • 504 pages
  • 200 specimens photographed


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