French Military Small Arms, Volume 1 by Didier Bianchi


French Military Small Arms 1717–1865, Volume 1: Flintlock Longarms by Didier Bianchi (translated from the French by Eric A. Bye, M.A., C.T.)

The first of two volumes, this book is the most extensive guide to French Flintlock military longarms ever to be published in English. Concentrates on identification and service use, covering everything from Infantry Muskets, Rampart Guns, Dragoon Muskets, Cavalry Musketoons, Constabulary Musketoons, Naval Muskets, Hussar Musketoons, Foot and Mounted Grenadier Muskets, Arms of the Mamelouks, Lancers’ Musketoons, Royal Muskets, Muskets of the Bodyguards and much more.


  • 136 pages
  • 11″ x 8.5″
  • 550+ color photos
  • Softcover


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