U.S. Military Bolt Action Rifles by Canfield


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U.S. Military Bolt Action Rifles by Bruce N. Canfield

Collector’s guide to all of the bolt actions used by the U.S. military — with over 700 detailed photos! Includes these rifles and carbines: Palmer & Greene, Ward-Burton, Hotchkiss, Remington-Keene, Chaffee-Reece, Remington-Lee, Krag, Lee Navy, M1903 Springfield, M1917 Enfield, Mosin-Nagant, Mark II Ross, M1907–15 Berthier, Winchester M70, Remington M720, Remington M700/M40…and much more! Also includes bayonets, slings, web equipment, manuals, ammunition, scopes, trench periscopes and other accessories!


  • Hardcover
  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • 432 pages
  • 700+ photos

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