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U.S. Military Arms Inspector Marks by Daum & Pate


U.S. Military Arms Inspector Marks by Anthony C. Daum & Charles W. Pate

This long-awaited guide by two of the world’s most respected arms researchers is an alphabetically arranged catalog of the identified inspectors’ marks that are found on military weapons made for U.S. forces from the beginning of the system through WWII and its aftermath. Collectors know that these marks are crucial to properly identifying and assessing the originality of a wide range of U.S. martial arms and that much of the information that has been available up until now was incomplete or wrong.


  • Hardcover
  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • 240 pages

“The authors discuss the regulations that determined the scope of the inspectors’ assignments, as well as the “sub-inspectors,” who did the actual work, predicated on the inspector’s final approval. The inspection process is described in detail through its various stages, the four basic steps from Proving, through Component Inspection, Inspection of Finished Arms to Final Inspection and Acceptance. Daum and Pate, as indicated in their expansive title, provide an entry for each inspector, arranged in alphabetical order and headed by a reproduction of the stamp associated with him. Each entry contains details on the personal history of each man, including the dates he served and the types of weapons associated with his work, from the inception of the inspection program through the Korean War. Joseph G. Bilby, Civil War News, April 2017


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